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3-4 OCTOBER 2024


Makarios Avenue, Center of Nicosia

  More about the Festival  

The Festival will take place in the heart of Nicosia, bringing to life many of its landmark locations on and around Makarios Avenue, for a series of multifaceted, exciting events, all centered around entrepreneurship.


  The Festival will host:  

  • Accomplished entrepreneurs from all over Cyprus, of all ages and from a variety of sectors. Each of them will share the story of their entrepreneurial journey, the barriers, the pitfalls, the lessons learnt, the breakthroughs that made them who they are today.

  • Renowned entrepreneurs from abroad, who will share their insights on what success looks like and how it can be achieved.

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs of all ages, from teenagers to mature adults, all wishing to explore the idea of entrepreneurship and to be inspired to take the leap from dreaming to doing.


  The Festival will include:  

  • Masterclasses tailored to different groups of people, from kids to successful professionals, on the key principles of entrepreneurship and how these can be leveraged to run a successful business.

  • Talks, presentations and interactive workshops on the key skills needed to set up and run a successful business.

  • Parties, music, street food and a relaxed atmosphere in which people of different ages and backgrounds can mingle, learn from each other and be inspired.

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